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Enjoy your voucher, you've earned it. Treat yourself to some brilliant diamonds or give the voucher code to a loved one to spend on the sparkle of their choice.


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We love to meet you and we hope you are curious to meet the team behind DPT Antwerp too. As a member of The Diamond Club, you are officially invited to all the celebratory instore events we organize to highlight milestones such as new collections, gifting seasons, or just for fun – because why not?


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You will always stay up-to-date about what is coming next. Never miss a new diamond collection or interesting collaboration. As a member, you get the first look into new & fresh jewelry designs as well as upcoming campaigns. That is how we make sure you get the first pick.


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When we are in an extra good mood we gift you with free presents with a purchase – as a member-exclusive treat. Think of valuable & cute gifts on top of the diamond jewelry of your dreams. It's a win-win for you and happy club members for us.


Exactly that.

The next best thing — besides enjoying your new jewelry — is the excitement of the post (wo)man to arrive. We get that. We deliver your packages for shipment within 48 hours, with the greatest care & for free. We only entrust them to certified carriers on insured policies. So there's really nothing to worry about and you can get back to staring outside your window in peace now.


At DPT, we want everyone to feel valued, worhty and treasured. Thanks to their durability and exceptional quality nothing says 'valuable' quite like diamonds. True (self) love is priceless, our jewelry rather 'price-less'. We offer dainty diamond jewelry for real people and everyday life, just without the financial hangover.

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