Diamanti Per Tutti has its roots in Antwerp. Apart from being the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp is also renowned for its world-class fashion heritage. A perfect breeding ground for a contemporary jewelry brand which makes timeless diamonds fashionable, fun and accessible.

Our jewels are created for women who want to balance purity and playfulness. Inspired by everlasting lines and shapes,

a Diamanti Per Tutti jewel is your everyday companion, never dominating, always making you feel confident, special and pretty.

To be accessible, authentic and perfectly matched to your personal style, Diamanti Per Tutti jewelry is made from 925 Sterling Silver,

gilded with 18 carat pink or yellow gold vermeil or white rhodium, and handset with real natural diamonds and beautiful gemstones.


Diamanti Per Tutti uses 100% natural and ethically sourced diamonds in all its jewelry. Natural diamonds are timeless and high in value, an aspect that will never diminish. They are the true symbol of 'eternal' love, thanks to their durability and exceptional quality.

Natural diamonds are proof of magic in the world, surrounding us all. We want to pay tribute to this gift of nature and respect its rarity, instead of evoking a human take-over to fulfill our ever-demanding needs. Instead of always 'wanting more' and 'paying less', we want to encourage conscious shopping and investing in high quality lifetime pieces.


All Diamanti Per Tutti jewels are designed by our creative team in Antwerp. We present extensive winter and summer collections and several limited themed collections.

As well as our signature collections, we collaborate with out-of-the-box guest designers. At least once per year Diamanti Per Tutti launches an exclusive and truly unique collaboration capsule collection, together with influential designers famous for their achievements in disciplines like art, sport or culture.

Diamanti Per Tutti is also renowned for its unique partnerships. We're the proud partner of Tomorrowland, exclusively creating the world's leading electronic dance festival's official fashion jewelry. We also partner another Belgian icon, The Smurfs.


Diamanti Per Tutti cares about people and the environment. That's why our diamonds are 100% certified, authentic and conflict-free.

For your utmost convenience, we offer a unique 2-year full product warranty and a no questions asked exchange policy.

We're happy to welcome you in a stylish shopping environment where you'll feel at home, thanks to our friendly, accessible and helpful team.