w a r r a n t y

We use the greatest care to ensure that your plating lasts a very long time.

Should it nevertheless fade overtime, we offer free re-plating as part of our 2-year full product warranty.

With every purchase we provide a DPT cleaning cloth and instructions to take the best care of your jewel.

Our 2-year full product warranty covers plating, loss of diamonds, pearls & gemstones, and broken bangle or bracelet, ring and chain. The warranty covers all issues except and only not in case of manifest misuse of your jewel (e.g. when you stepped on it).

In such case we will still service your jewel at cost.

You don't have to worry, we will always take care of your jewellery for you.

For repair after warranty period we will charge a repair fee at cost. Please ask instore for the prices.


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