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M A R I E  2 . 0

MARIE 2.0 is a fresh revival of baroque jewellery,

inspired by the lavish French monarch Marie Antoinette.

Designed by Marie Martens, a leading Belgian handbag designer 

who made Versailles her home.

N E W  I N


C A R E  T O  S P A R K L E

Time to say  THANK YOU for all helping hands.

Our extraordinary healthcare workers, your BFF checking in daily on your sanity, working moms who kept the household alive and healthy. A friendly neighbour helping with grocery shopping, teachers who virtually entertained the kids or a creative sister sewing up masks - the list goes on and on..

Let's honour our modern-day heroes, whose compassion and kindness make all the difference.⁠

Show them you care with our limited edition  #CareToSparkle necklaces  and give a little love back.

L O V E  A L W A Y S

Love Always is a heavenly sonnet to the most powerful force in the world, true love.


Estrella is a tribute to the Golden Age of Hollywood and its glamorous stars.

G L D - Limited Edition

Discover our first Gold Collection, in grand homage to Antwerp's diamond heritage.

'Get to know Diamanti Per Tutti, the brand making diamond jewellery for all.'


'DPT has the advantage of the city's rich diamond heritage & some of the best cutters and setters in the industry.'

ELLE Singapore                       

'If you are a modern working woman, you'll adore these minimalist jewellery pieces.

HER World