O U R d I A M O N D H E R I T A G E

Welcome to the beautiful city of Antwerp in Belgium,

known as the diamond city and home to Diamanti Per Tutti.


Apart from being the diamond capital of the world,

Antwerp is also renowned for its world-class fashion heritage.

A perfect breeding ground for our contemporary jewellery brand which makes timeless diamonds

fashionable, fun and accessible.

The Antwerp Six includes Belgium's six most influential avant-garde fashion designers:

Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Dirk Van Saene, Walter Van Beirendonck, Dirk Bikkembergs, and Marina Yee.

In the 1980s, they all received their diploma from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp.

At the time of the collective's creation, the six designers' work represented a radical breakthrough.

Their vision was so different and unusual that it transformed Antwerp in the late 1980's into a reputable fashion destination.

Thereafter, the fashion collective split to work individually,

developing each a distinct and unique style and trademarks.

All Diamanti Per Tutti jewels are designed by our creative team in Antwerp.

To be accessible, authentic and perfectly matched to your personal style,

Diamanti Per Tutti jewellery is made from 925 Sterling Silver,

gilded with 18 carat pink or yellow gold vermeil or white rhodium,

and handset with real and ethically-sourced natural diamonds and beautiful gemstones.

Our jewels are created for women who want to balance purity and playfulness.

Inspired by everlasting lines and shapes, a Diamanti Per Tutti jewel is your everyday companion,

never dominating, always making you feel confident, special and pretty.


signature white diamonds
& precious stones

Belgium is also known for the wonderful art of chocolate making.

The love story between this small country and the sweet delight has been thriving for generations.

Join us on a flavourful journey to our roots in Belgium with these delicious chocolates

created by master chocolatier DelReY.


Have you tasted DelReY's Antwerpse Handjes ('Antwerp Hands') yet?

These delicate little chocolates are the most renowned sweets of Antwerp,

referring to the origins of this historical city.

On the banks of the river the Scheldt lies the famous port of the city of Antwerp. Legend has it that this city was once inhabited by the titan Antigoon,

who terrorized every person that wanted to cross the water. According to the story, Antigoon forced all shipmen to pay high tolls in order to access the river. When they chose not to pay, Antigoon would cut off their hand and throw it into the water.

One day, the Roman soldier Silvius Brabo came to the rescue of the Antwerp inhabitants. Gathering all courage, he fought and slayed the giant.

As an act of revenge, Brabo sliced off Antigoon's hand and threw it into the river.

From that day forward, the city has been called Antwerpen or Handwerpen, which can be translated in English as 'Throwing Hands'.


Did you know that...

84% of the world's mined diamonds end up in Antwerp?

This is why Antwerp is the center of the world diamond trade.

The city is still home to a small but highly skilled group of diamond cutters who specialize in the processing

of the most remarkable diamonds that come on the market.

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