Marie Antoinette - toujours elaborately coiffed and plumed, symbolizes all the lavishness of the French monarchy.

Also calling Versailles her hometown, Marie Martens couldn't help but feel inspired by her iconic namesake.

Following in her footsteps - quite literally -she honours this independent and irreverent gentlewoman,

a true free-spirited Parisienne avant-la-lettre.


Marie 2.0 is a modern interpretation of vintage baroque jewellery pieces and a tribute to powerful women.

Classic white pearls make room for refreshing turquoise Amazonite gems with a royal rock’n roll-esque twist.

Clarico-Offer style 4
Clarico-Offer style 4
Clarico-Offer style 4

Marie-Antoinette and her classic 18th-century perles fines truly go hand in hand.

Only, if she would have designed a collection anno 2020, she would not have chosen the most common and obvious materials.

Amazonite is a surprisingly vibrant stone that completely matches her personality,

the pastel hues of that era and perfectly matches this story from and for powerful women.

At the beginning of the 20th century, women who fought for equal rights used the Amazonite as an emblem.

Thanks to its name referring to the Amazons in Greek mythology, a people of fierce militant women, who lived without men.


Blue Amazonite stone

& Pink Opal


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