Discover our personal tips for a Valentine's including happy ending.

February 14th is approaching, which only means one thing.. It’s time to celebrate love with your favorite person, whether that’s your spouse, partner in crime, yourself or all of the above. Here are some suggestions to make the day extra special.


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A romantic look for a romantic date. Combine some of our Bestsellers like our Galaxy Twisted ring and Infinity single earring with our brand new Nacré set. This look will make you feel all the love.

I love you more than French fries.. What screams more Valentine’s Day than a romantic dinner? You know you’re in love when you willingly share your food with them.. You’ve found the company, now all that’s missing is the food. Discover some of our favorite romantic restos in our hometown Antwerp:

    1. Bourla Café Restaurant for the most romantic Parisian vibe.
    2. Graanmarkt 13 or Veranda, if you are looking for a more - classy not sassy - hotspot.
    3. The dimmed lights, cozy interior and nice menu in Le John are perfect for a date.
    4. Le Pristine will be perfect for a laidback chic kinda night.
    5. Last but not least, Fiera will captivate you with her magical location.


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Girls just want to have fun.. and diamonds, duh. Bring out your inner sparkle with the shimmer of our Set Free necklace, Hope ring and Endless diamond rings. A look that will make you want to dance like no-one is watching.

Always better together. You and your bestie will have the best Galentine’s Day with these chick flicks and/or Galentine’s games. Grab some wine and chocolate and brace yourselves for the most sparkling night ever.

    1. Movie night! Get set for Crazy, Stupid, Love because.. well Ryan Gosling, obviously! Or grab the tissues for The Notebook, Galentine’s Day is the         perfect excuse to rewatch this romantic classic for the 47th time and did we mention Ryan Gosling? ;)
    2. Prefer a Ryan Gosling free night? 'Girls only' will do with the iconic high school vibes of Clueless and Mean Girls. Spoken like the queen herself:             “Grool. I meant to say cool but then I started to say great.”— Cady Heron
    3. Time to get playin'. Bring out the fun with prosecco pong. It’s just like beer pong, just next level on the fanciness.
    4. After hitting just the right amount of bubbles, pour your hearts out with Céline Dion, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift during a good old Karaoke night.         Nothing better than bonding with your girls over some heartbreak songs. Take a look at our GRL Power Spotify playlist for some bangers..
    5. If you’re looking for creating a deeper connection with your friends, bring out the 'We're Not Really Strangers Card Game' and get to know         each other a little more. Or keep it casual and have the best laughter with some old school 'Dream Phone' and 'Twister'. Who said classics are         boring?


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Diamonds are the best kind of self care. Our Full Circle of Life ringCoco necklace and Endless pearl single earring remind you of your inner strength and timeless elegance. A look full of diamonds for a night full of sparkles.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Make yourself a priority, because self love isn’t selfish, it’s important. Our favorite beauty products and spas to feel loved, valued and appreciated by the only person that truly matters. Do it for you.

    1. Treat yourself to a little me-time in Elaisa wellness, it’s a real gemstone heaven.
    2. Pamper yourself at home with the cleansing cream of The Glow to exfoliate or use as a mask.
    3. Olaplex n°6 for a good hair mask, leaving you shiny and fresh.
    4. Massage and relax your face muscles with a rose quartz gua sha stone. The rose quartz is the signature crystal of love and the perfect reminder         to show yourself some extra love.
    5. End the day with a relaxing bath. Any good bath bomb will do, as long as it has all the sparkles.


However you decide to spend your night, always remember to LET LOVE RULE.

Festive pieces from the heart.

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