The power of sisterhood.

For today's Scoop, KAAI x DPT invited Lola and Penelope Haro, two sisters always having each other's back, facing the world as one. We had a little sit down  at the campaign shoot of  our KAAI x DPT necklace  to listen to their heartwarming story. These beautiful sisters will remind you what true sisterhood is all about..

Lola Haro (23, DJ) & Penelope Haro (20, model) – sisters.

       Sisters who stick together and embark on the coming of age journey hand in hand.

What is the biggest challenge for you in which the other helps you, assists you, or inspires you?

P: For me, that was when we started living together on our own. I wasn't used to running a household at all.  Lola took on that task in the beginning. After a while, she guided me well in doing my part. Now, I think we live very nicely together, don't you?

L: Yes, now I do too little! *laughing. We were 18 and 21 at the time, Pene was still in secondary school. It was 'out of necessity'  because our mother had become very ill.  Even though we had to start living alone at a young age, I believe we have always managed very well. We are a very close family, together with our dog and cat. Pene takes such good care of the dog. I sometimes forget how much you have to take out a dog for a walk, but she takes all the initiative.

P: It takes so time to get used to it. In the beginning, you don't realise how much work a household is. You get busy with work or school, and sometimes you just want to go out and have fun with your friends. It can be a little stressful trying to fit everything in and meanwhile figure out who will do the washing up that day. Now we've got the hang of it though, and it's going great!

Seems like you've definitely found your balance. Has living together brought you closer?

P: We enjoy living together, we have always been best buddies, since we were kids.

L: Yeah, even at school. There were separate playgrounds for classes 1-3 and 4-6. So when Penelope went to the first grade, I was already in the fourth and we couldn’t see each other, so we smuggled over in secret. I
 was a bit of a weirdo and sometimes kids could tease me about it. Thanks to her charming good looks, Penelope was more popular so she was actually the one protecting me. Even though she’s my younger sister, it was me looking up to her. I took care of her at home, but she had my back in the outside world. You could say this ‘sticking together’ goes way back.

P: She was a bit depending on me, it somehow made her look cooler. *laughing

That must be nice to hear from your older sister that she secretly looks up to you. What is something you admire in her?

P: What I admire most about Lola is that she made to decision to go for her music. At first, she was unsure about what she wanted to do in life and still very much soul-searching. She had embarked on a study that – in hindsight – was not a great match so she decided to jump right in headfirst. And then it all kind of snowballed from there. It keeps on going in the right direction, I’m always there to support her performances at parties.

L: Yeah, but also to party *laughing. In the end, it’s just us 2, with no parental guidance. I am in awe that Penelope, despite her young age, continues her studies. I can’t take on that maternal role - I mean, I try a little of course, but too much wouldn’t benefit our relationship. I would instantly get it thrown back in my face. *laughing. It shows amazing character, self-love and drive to set a solid base to provide a good future for yourself.

It sounds like your secret for a beautiful sisterhood is about giving each other the space to be who you are, to discover what you want in life and to be there for each other along the way?

L: Absolutely. We tell each other literally everything. She is the first person I talk to when I have doubts about something because she always calms me down.  We know exactly what advice or tips we should give to each other because our issues are often very similar. 

 P: Yeah, the advice just sounds better when it's given by your sister. 

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It's all relative.

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