Our progress to ethical, social & environmental responsibility

We are delighted to announce that DPT Antwerp has officially become a proud member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC), setting sail towards a legacy where the brilliance of our jewelry shines alongside the brightness of our ethical values.

At DPT, we understand that the beauty of jewelry goes beyond its appearance; it encompasses the story behind each piece. True brilliance does not only come from the sparkle of our gemstones but also from the responsible choices we make. Our new RJC membership marks a significant milestone in our journey toward a sustainable and responsible future for the world of jewelry.

Create beautiful things in a beautiful way®

The RJC is a global organization dedicated to ensuring responsible and sustainable practices across the jewelry supply chain. Its mission resonates deeply with our values, supporting integrity, sustainability, and transparency. Joining the RJC is a testament to our unwavering commitment to these principles. 

With this membership, we align ourselves with industry leaders, collectively working towards a more sustainable and ethical future, through the commitment to respect human rights, avoiding contribution to the finance of conflict, and compliance with the relevant UN sanctions, resolutions, and laws. 

As an RJC member, we prioritize social responsibility, recognizing the immense impact our industry can have on communities and individuals involved in the supply chain. DPT is committed to fair labor practices, respecting human rights, and creating positive social change through our operations.

A voyage to integrity

Embark on the new chapter in DPT Antwerp’s odyssey, unmapping paths of transparency and accountability, exploring uncharted territories of social impact and discovering unexplored horizons of responsibility.

Now you can shine even brighter while wearing your favorite jewelry, cherishing integrity and sustainability. 

We want to leave our mark on the world, making diamond jewelry accessible for all, but we do care about the trail we leave behind. Learn more about our progress to date and our commitment to the future. 


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