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"Being blessed with a lot of strong women in my life, ‘female empowerment’ is an important topic, very close to my heart. In celebration of the upcoming International Women's Day, I’ve teamed up with Diamant Per Tutti to host this #31DAYSOFGRLPWR challenge. By inspiring daily challenges, we celebrate all strong women out there, and that includes you." - Lauren Versnick. 

"If you need a little extra motivation, we’ll be giving away a full look from my Lauve collection, worth of €500 | S$850 | HK$ 5500. A collection, I’ve created as a tribute to the inspiring women in my life. Simply subscribe, participate and use #31DAYSOFGRLPWR on your social shares*. Good luck, have fun and dare to be you."

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Now, to kick-start our #31DAYSOFGRLPWR challenge, we want to encourage everyone to shoutout to the #BreakTheBias movement and shatter stereotypes once and for all. Who’s to say that women are bad drivers? The weaker sex? Too emotional? Or bad at math and science? So for today’s challenge, share your proof of the contrary and set the record straight.

Today is a new moon, which makes the perfect time to set intentions for this upcoming month. By participating in this challenge, you’ve already took a first step in your goal to more self love. Write down 2x more objectives you want to focus your energy on the next few weeks.

Take yesterday’s intentions shortlist and create positive affirmations. Make sure to use positive words only and to state them in a present tense. Example: I am powerful, beautiful, brave and proud.  Say them every time you see a reflection of yourself. In the bathroom mirror, a shopping window, your car review mirror, tv or laptop reflection — take a deep look into your gorgeous eyes and say it loud and proud. Try to make this into a daily habit, we promise it won’t feel this weird after a few days.

Empowered women empower women’ so for today’s challenge, compliment another remarkable female being. Try to go beyond her appearance, to her mind, soul and skills that make her oh-so special.

For today, try to consciously set and respect your boundaries. Instead of jumping to ‘yes’ right away, consider how you actually feel and say ‘no’ when you feel like it. When you prioritise your needs over the expectations of others, you stay true to yourself and it will make the ‘hell yes’ even more worthwhile.

To wrap up this first week, we invite you to discover some words of wisdom. May these words make you feel acknowledged and supported. And who knows inspire you to write your own book?

 - Women Don't Owe You Pretty by Florence Given.
Invisible Women: Exposing data bias in a world designed for men by Caroline Criado-Perez.
Feminists Don't Wear Pink (and other lies) by Scarlette Curtis.
Untamed by Glennon Doyle.
The Gifts Of Imperfection by Brené Brown.

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No better way to start this new week than in full force. Dress for success and share your ultimate power look on your social media, using #31DAYSOFGRLPWR. Let your inner Fallon Carrington take the lead today, let’s get down to business.

As you all know, today is International Women’s Day. By this #31DAYSOFGRLPWR challenge, we want to encourage everyone to join the #BreakTheBias movement and shatter gender stereotypes once and for all. Share a selfie in their signature pose to help create the much-needed awareness.

You might still feel a little insecure about speaking up from time to time. So for today, we’re not putting you up for a hard task, we only ask you to open your mind and ears to the stories and life lessons of other women. Discover our selection of podcasts below. And when the time comes, don’t forget that you do have a voice and it does matter.

 - InCharge with DVF by Diane Von Furstenberg.
Gurls Talk by Adwoa Aboah.
Stuff Mom Never Told You by Anney and Samantha.
Women in Motion by Géraldine Sarratia.
Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain.
- Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo.

To feel good about yourself requires a full cycle approach. We’ve been focussing for the last 10x days on opening your mind and taking active steps towards positive change. Now is a good time to relax and to thank our body with a feel good yoga session. No need to do anything, only to keep breathing and to just be. Namasté.

An excellent way to appreciate life more is simply to be thankful. Based on other’s social media highlights, you might get to thinking that you’re underperforming. You’re not. Shift your focus to all the beauty that’s already there by keeping a gratitude journal. Download this sheet and re-use as often as you like. Feel free to share, using #31DAYSOFGRLPWR and take a social media break for the rest of the day.

We all have something we’ve secretly always wanted to do, but thought we couldn’t. Bye procrastination and giving up, let’s break down this far-off mission into workable objectives. Get out of your comfort zone and take a first step in achieving your life’s purpose.

No better day to kick back on your couch than Sunday. Get inspired for the week to come with these mind-blowing docu movies on female empowerment.

 - Feminists: What Were They Thinking? on Netflix.
Period. End of sentence on Netflix.
On The Basis Of Sex on Netflix.
Hidden Figures on Disney+.
RBG - Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Amazon Prime.

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We’re done with blue Mondays. Start the week off fresh and compliment your work buddies and colleagues on how they contribute. A little (p)raise never hurt nobody and you’ll see, lighting up their faces, will make your day a gazillion times better too.

Although our menstrual flow and hormones unite us in our womanhood, it’s a different experience for everyone. 1x out of 10x women have endometriosis, making this monthly happening an excruciating ordeal. As we tend to swallow the pain, it often stays undiscovered. Help create awareness, ‘cause no woman should suffer, period.

We all have flaws — yes, even Beyonce. And that’s okay. We love ourselves a good ritual, so let’s get rid of the negativity surrounding them and accept them for what they are. Write down 3x flaws on a small piece of paper: behavioural patterns, toxic threats, bad past choices or rough experiences, really anything you’d like to neutralize. Now tear them to pieces or burn in a candle and just let go.

Now that we’ve got rid of the bad energy yesterday, let’s turn our focus today on the bright side. Download our ‘success story’ sheet and fill in your personal triumphs.

As spring is lurking around the corner, this weekend is the perfect time for some serious spring cleaning. Today’s challenge might be bigger task for some, but you’ll thank us later. Gather all clothes you don’t wear anymore and host a swap party with friends. A new look cán come in cheap. Donate whatever is left to charity and help those who are financially less fortunate feel like a rock star too.

De Collectie. 
Dress For Success. 

As some of you might still be sorting through your wardrobes for yesterday’s challenge, we’ll keep it short and easy for today. Find out which of your favourite brands have female leadership positions and leave them a positive review on Google. A small gesture, with a massive impact.

For today’s challenge, we want to highlight the importance of supporting our local talents and chasing your dreams. Lauren invited inspiring female entrepreneurs for a chat on their business and personal life. Get to know Ellen en Marie Martens (co-founders of Rosie Antwerp), Morgane Van Marcke (creator of Humbly) and our own co-founder Stéphanie Wilms a bit better. Treat yourself today and get yourself a gift, from one woman to another. Close to home, close to heart.

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Spring is here, a time of new beginnings. Share your life motto or inspirational quote for today’s mood. Include #31DAYSOFGRLPWR to your story, so we know where to turn to for our next energy boost. Let’s make this Monday kick ass.

Life can get so busy, we sometimes forget to check in with ourselves. Take the time today to see how you’re doing and if you need any help. Whether that means a physical or mental health concern, make yourself a priority and book that appointment.

We all look up to someone, so let’s share the love for our role models by a simple shout-out. Share the social profile of your favorite female on your stories and together we’ll add some more stars to tonight’s sky.

Today’s challenge is all about secret anticipation and gratification. Hand 3x strangers a kind note today. Yup, read that again and then have some fun.

Not in a Joey kind of way, but for real. Call the women in your family and just check up on them. Be there, be together.

Inspired by the famous words of Florence Given "Women don’t owe you pretty." So today is your free card to look whatever, as we are so much more than good looks. We encourage you to go for a make-up-free day and to not worry about shaving/waxing. Or let your boobies enjoy a bra*-less day — *felt cute, but might burn it later. Channel your inner 60’s women’s liberation fighter and say goodbye to society’s standards of beauty.

To make the world a better place, we need to take action. A great way to stand up for your beliefs is to speak up by signing a petition. A small step for you, a giant leap for all womenkind.   

Loujain al-Hathloul was arrested and imprisoned by the Saudi Arabian authorities after campaigning against the ban on women driving and the abolition of the male guardianship system. A terror court convicted her in late 2020 for "promoting women's rights." Sign the petition for Loujain here.
Yasaman Aryani and her mother protested against the veil law in Iran by handing out flowers, without sleeves. They were sentenced to 16x years in prison because they believed“women should be able to choose what they wear.”Set Yasaman & so many others free here.
Wendy was hit by police bullets in her leg and lower body during a feminist march for raising concern about the large number of women being murdered in Mexico. She filed charges against the police, but those suspected of shooting her have not been prosecuted. Get justice for Wendy here.

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With just 4x more days to go, we thought you might feel inspired to write a letter to your future self. Keep it somewhere safe and open it again in a couple of years. We bet this will be a tear-jerker.

Make someone’s day — no, life really — by shouting out compliments to complete random strangers on the street. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to stop.

Tomorrow is the final day of our #31DAYSOFGRLPWR challenge series and before we go, we want to encourage you to one final* act of kindness. (*Please, don’t limit your greatness and continue this amazing journey.) If you can, try to donate to a good cause. You don’t need a lot to contribute, every penny counts — or offer to volunteer instead? Here are some suggestions you might want to look into.

Malala Fund
- She Did It.
- Punt vzw.
- Plan International.
- Unicef.

Day 31 — we made it, and more importantly, YOU DID IT! We are beyond proud of all of you for supporting each other ánd yourself. At this point there’s nothing left to do, but to make a toast to yourself over the best girl’s dinner party. Celebrate all the amazing women you are, in your own unique way. Our GRL PWR Spotify list will surely help you set the mood.

Share and mention #31DAYSOFGRLPWR so we can join in on the festivities and who knows, you might end up with your wishlisted Lauve jewels. Make sure you’re subscribed, as I will pick a lucky winner by the end of the week, so stay tuned!

We are so thankful for our time together and feel some withdrawal symptoms coming up. Let’s keep this loving flow going strong. Promise?

*To compete in this challenge, one needs to: 1. subscribe with name and e-mail -- 2. follow Diamanti Per Tutti on Instagram -- 3. take part in 1x or more of our challenges on Instagram and share UGC labeled with the #31DAYSOFGRLPWR hashtag or sticker. The winner will be selected based on merit for participation, having shared the most original challenge on Instagram, at the discretion of Diamanti Per Tutti. The winner will be announced and contacted on Instagram Stories on April 3rd. The winner will receive a gift coupon for a total value of €500 / S$ 850 / HK$ 5500 to be spend within our Lauve by Lauren Versnick collection within 6 months.

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