Diamanti Per Tutti wants to reinvent diamond jewellery by going back to basics: affordable jewellery combining real diamonds with pure, timeless yet fashionable designs.

Raised among diamonds but unhappy with them being reserved for traditional jewellery and the happy few, we created a line of fashionable sterling silver jewellery, handset with beautiful diamonds and precious stones.

Diamanti Per Tutti is Belgian in every sense: Antwerp designed, dedicated to the very best quality and offering excellent service. Diamanti Per Tutti is also a holistic high-end jewellery label: all diamonds are certified authentic and conflict free and part of the company profits are donated to the Mimi Foundation supporting women recovering from cancer.

Every new collection is a new playground, twice a year showcasing out-of-thebox designer's talents, surprising with unconventional styles and always full of personality. Effortless chic is our signature style: Diamanti Per Tutti equals subtle luxury. It never dominates a woman, though every piece easily puts her on a pedestal!