Collabs - through the years

As well as our signature collections, we collaborate with ‘out-of-the-box’ guest designers. Once a year Diamanti Per Tutti launches an exclusive and truly unique collaboration capsule collection, together with influential designers famous for their achievements in disciplines like art, sport or culture.

Feeling grateful and blessed, 
BUENA SUERTE is inspired
by a variety of 'good luck' symbols
resulting in a joyful mix-and-match collection.

Tiany Kiriloff is a true trendsetter and 

inspiration for spirited and passionate
women, renowned for her vibrant looks.
Her Latina roots gave her both a warm
motherly heart and a healty dose of superstition.

@TianyKirilove #BuenaSuerte #TianyxDiamantiPerTutti




FIRE WITHIN is inspired by Leo 
and the city of Antwerp, respectively
Paulien's zodiac sign and hometown. 
It encourages women to feel confident,
be limitless and look powerful. 

Paulien Riemis is a succesfull Antwerp-based
trendsetter, model and the mastermind behind 
Polienne, an online style diary that covers daily
 outfits, travel stories and inspiring moodboards. 

@PaulienRiemis #FireWithin #PaulienxDiamantiPerTutti


Clean, yet lively.
Delicate, yet powerful.
is an aspirational collection for 
go-getters who never give up.

Nafissatou Thiam is a Belgian athlete. 
As of May 2018, she holds the Belgian record in 
women's heptathlon. She won the gold metal at
the 2016 Olympics, 2017 WC and 2018 EC.

@Thiam_Nafi #TheWorldIsYours #NafixDiamantiPerTutti




'My friends, the women I love,
my teenage idols like TLC and Aaliyah'
SO FAR SO GOOD is a tribute to 
iconic strong women. Feminine
statement jewellery with an edge. 

Elsa Fralon is a journalist, turned freelance
online creative. Crazy about sneakers, urban
culture in Brussels and her son Lucien,
Elsa is one of those fierce adventurers of life.

@ElsaFralon #SofarSoGood #ElsaxDiamantiPerTutti


A 'tranche de vie' collection that
tells the unique story of a growing child,
from its first word 'till it leaves the nest.
LOVE LIFE symbolizes all
important steps in your child's life.

Emma Gelaude was one of the first Belgian
bloggers to win awards, write columns
and publish books thanks to her inspiring
entrepreneurship. Her daughter Jacky Rio
inspired her during the making of this collection. 

@EmmaGelaude #LoveLife #EmmaxDiamantiPerTutti


Stephanie Che is a Hong Kong actress and singer.
Fascinated by astrology, precious details
and empowering woman, she co-designed
the Journey collection, the perfect zodiac sign collection. 


Creative couple Isabelle Vertongen
and Gregory Vandewynckele designed
the perfect jewellery Box for two.


Nedda El-Asmar is an acclaimed jewellery designer.
Openness, flexibility and diversity are key concepts
in her thinking and design approach.
Studio Nedda has co-designed the unique
Diamond Only For Me collection.


Stephanie Duval is a storyteller and photographer,
she shares all her favorite stories about design, 
travel, fashion and the nice things in life on her
blog '70percentpure'. The collaboration results
in a geometic and inspirational collection. 

Diamanti Per Tutti collaborated
with Six Lee for a collection
of timeless and bold pieces.



Diamanti Per Tutti co-designed
a collection with Sofie Valkiers 
international fashion blogger