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‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’  - Leonardo Da Vinci

Diamonds only reserved for traditional jewellery and the happy few? That’s exactly what Diamanti Per Tutti wants to change. Inspired by the purity of light and enchanted by elegant simplicity, this Antwerp-based brand reinvents diamond jewellery with its collections of affordable sterling silver jewels, hand-set with real diamonds.

Diamanti Per Tutti caters to trendy people sensitive to elegance, beauty and the ‘real-thing’.

The Belgian label adds a gorgeous touch to every outfit. Each jewel adheres to any dress code, wherever your escape may lead. If Diamanti Per Tutti had its way, discrete luxury would be everyone’s new uniform. No boring pretence, but playful pieces with beautiful diamonds and unconventional accents.

Diamanti Per Tutti is therefore ‘Belgian’ in every sense: Antwerp designed, dedicated to the very best quality and offering excellent service. All diamonds are certified authentic and conflict free and every jewel comes with a 2-year full product warranty.


Besides from being a diamond jewellery web shop, DPT’s also operates as a wholesaler. Offering its beauties through several high-end (top notch) fashion- and concept stores, the Antwerp-based brand is expanding rapidly. Therefore, DPT is constantly looking for new opportunities and partners.