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Nothing sparks more joy than life's surprising encounters. 

When the world suddenly hits you with its undeniable magic and a childlike sense of wonder and thankfulness lights up your day.

Serendipity encourages you to find beauty in everyday life and to celebrate the small things.

There are little gems waiting to be discovered around every corner.

A little curiosity will guide the way in living your fairy tale.

Every day and any occasion can be special.

If you want it to be.

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Destiny Ring
160.00 €160.00 €160.0EUR
Miracle Bracelet
110.00 €110.00 €110.0EUR
Miracle Earrings
180.00 €180.00 €180.0EUR
Miracle Necklace
180.00 €180.00 €180.0EUR
Miracle Ring
120.00 €120.00 €120.0EUR
Wonder (Single) Hoop
60.00 €60.00 €60.0EUR
Fate Ring
120.00 €120.00 €120.0EUR
Serendipity Hoops
140.00 €140.00 €140.0EUR
Fate Cuff
150.00 €150.00 €150.0EUR
Serendipity Ring
120.00 €120.00 €120.0EUR
Twinkle Necklace
120.00 €120.00 €120.0EUR
Twinkle (Single) Stud
80.00 €80.00 €80.0EUR
Twinkle (Single) Hoop
90.00 €90.00 €90.0EUR
Wonder Ring
95.00 €95.00 €95.0EUR
Destiny Cuff
130.00 €130.00 €130.0EUR
Lightening Hoops
160.00 €160.00 €160.0EUR
Sari Ring
120.00 €120.00 €120.0EUR