Marie 2.0 by Marie Martens

Marie Antoinette - toujours elaborately coiffed and plumed,
symbolizes all the lavishness of the French monarchy.

Also calling Versailles her hometown, Marie Martens
couldn't help but feel inspired by her iconic namesake.
Following in her footsteps - quite literally -
she honours this independent and irreverent gentlewoman,
a true free-spirited Parisienne avant-la-lettre.
Marie 2.0 is a modern interpretation of vintage baroque
jewellery pieces and a tribute to powerful women.
Classic white pearls make room for refreshing turquoise
Amazonite gems with a royal rock&roll-esque twist.
Audacious and playful for a modern-day queen.
Marie Martens designs high-quality colourful handbags
with a quirky eye for playful details
for women who love to ramble and roam.
Born in Belgium, her lifelong love for Paris, sparked her move to Versailles;
where she opened a pink barock & roll boudoir,
next door to the castle where Marie-Antoinette once made heads turn.

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Audacious and playful for a modern-day queen.