As well as our signature collections, we collaborate with ‘out-of-the-box’ guest designers. At least once per year Diamanti Per Tutti launches an exclusive and truly unique collaboration capsule collection, together with influential designers famous for their achievements in disciplines like art, sport or culture.

Diamanti Per Tutti is also renowned for its unique partnerships. We’re the proud partner of Tomorrowland, exclusively creating the world’s leading electronic dance festival’s official fashion jewellery. We also partner another Belgian icon, The Smurfs.

Discover below all the collabs. 

Stephanie Che x Diamanti per Tutti

Stephanie Che is a Hong Kong actress and singer. 
Fascinated by astrology, precious details and empowering woman,
she co-designed the Journey collection, the perfect zodiac sign collection.


Tomorrowland X Diamanti Per Tutti

Tomorrowland is a Belgian-based festival, known for its intense energy and magical decorations, it has since its first edition in 2004 become one of the most spectacular experiences in the world. 

Discover the TML by Tomorrowland x Diamanti Per Tutti jewellery collection 
online and at the festival. Be prepared for a new magical journey…

Elsa Fralon x Diamanti Per Tutti

Elsa Fralon is a journalist, turned freelance online creative. Crazy about sneakers, urban culture in Brussels and her son Lucien, Elsa is one of those fierce adventurers of life. 

 So Far So Good is a tribute to iconic strong women. Feminine stylish statement jewellery with an edge.


70percentpure X Diamanti Per Tutti

 The Smurfs is a series of feel good comic characters of small blue creatures, living in mushroom-shaped houses in the forest. These happy iconic Smurfs were created by Belgian artist Peyo (Pierre Culliford) in 1958. 

The Smurfs fans will love this playful limited edition of The Smurfs signature blue and sparkling diamonds - little treasures full of fun and sweet memories.

Isabelle Vertongen & Gregory Vandewynckele X Diamanti Per Tutti

Creative couple Isabelle Vertongen and Gregory Vandewynckele designed the perfect jewelry Box for two. Discover now !


Nedda X Diamanti Per Tutti

Nedda El-Asmar is an acclaimed jewellery designer. 
Openness, flexibility and diversity are key concepts in her thinking and design approach. 
Studio Nedda has collaborated with Diamanti Per Tutti to create 
the unique Diamond Only For Me collection.

70percentpure X Diamanti Per Tutti

Stephanie Duval is a storyteller and photographer, she shares all her favorite stories about design, travel, fashion and the nice things in life on her blog '70percentpure'. 
The collaboration with Diamanti Per Tutti results in a geometric and inspirational collection.


Sofie Valkiers X Diamanti Per Tutti

Diamanti Per Tutti collaborated with international fashion blogger Sofie Valkiers from

Six Lee X Diamanti Per Tutti

Diamanti Per Tutti collaborated with Six Lee with a collection of timeless products...!





Emma Gelaude X Diamanti Per Tutti

Emma Gelaude was one of the first Belgian bloggers to win awards, write columns and publish books thanks to her inspiring entrepreneurship. Her daughter Jacky Rio inspired her 
during the creation of this collection with Diamanti Per Tutti. 

Love Life symbolizes all important steps in your child’s life. 
A ‘tranche de vie’ collection that tells the unique story of a growing child - from its first word ‘till it leaves the nest.