We love to be challenged and to push the boundaries of our own creativity and 'savoir-faire'.
At least once a year, Diamanti Per Tutti invites an out-of-the-box creative talent to design a capsule collection.
Leading bloggers & journalists, fashion designers and even a former designer of the year have paved the way.
We can’t wait to present you our next guest collections…

Stephanie Che x Diamanti per Tutti

Fascinated by astrolgy and addicted to precious details, Stephanie Che created the perfect zodiac sign collection. Discover the multifaceted 'Journey' collection here !


Tomorrowland X Diamanti Per Tutti

Since 2012 we design the jewel collection for the world famous EDM festival Tomorrowland.
Press play!

Elsa Fralon x Diamanti Per Tutti

Elsa is Belmodo's French fashion editor. Discover now her timeless and stylish collection inspired by her idols and the womens she loves !


70percentpure X Diamanti Per Tutti

For our second collaboration, Stephanie Duval from 70percentpure created a minimalistic black and white collection... Enjoy! 

Isabelle Vertongen & Gregory Vandewynckele X Diamanti Per Tutti

Creative couple Isabelle Vertongen and Gregory Vandewynckele designed the perfect jewelry Box for two. Discover now !


Nedda X Diamanti Per Tutti

Nedda’s adagio ‘seemingly simple shapes’ perfectly describes the collection...
Find out more here !

70percentpure X Diamanti Per Tutti

"Less is always more". Discover Stephanie's collection (70percentpure) inspired by travels, architecture and her own wedding!


Sofie Valkiers X Diamanti Per Tutti

Diamanti Per Tutti collaborated with international fashion blogger Sofie Valkiers from

Six Lee X Diamanti Per Tutti

Diamanti Per Tutti collaborated with Six Lee with a collection of timeless products...!





Emma Gelaude X Diamanti Per Tutti

Emma Gelaude created the perfect modern and modular capsule collection for Diamanti Per Tutti. Take a look !