C A R E  T O  S P A R K L E  

In the blink of an eye, the world as we knew it, strikingly changed. 

Leaving us at this decisive moment in time with grand opportunity 

to rise to the occasion and change it for the better. 

Even though keeping a safe distance is crucial, 

never have we been more united in spirit and heart.

*Getting involved and proudly supporting  RED CROSS  in its efforts against Covid-19 by donating 50% of the proceeds.   

Red Cross is an international humanitarian movement  dedicated to protecting human life and health. 


With time on our hands, creativity kicked in and we were touched 

by an overwhelmingly beautiful flow of supporting initiatives all over the world. 

Even the smallest acts of kindness and compassion continue 

to contribute to one of the biggest challenges we've ever had to face – together. 

With a newfound respect for our world and belief in our own resilience, 

it's time to return the favour and say thanks.

Clarico-Full Image


The universal symbol of gratitude as a token of my thanks 

and appreciation for your selfless efforts, love and care. 

A symbolic amulet in 18 carat gold vermeil, carrying 5x white diamonds 

to honour your hero, your rock, your guardian angel.

Thank you for your helping hands. 

For your selflessness, your efforts and ongoing drive. 

For putting love over fear and making the world a better place. 

I care you care and for that I say 'thank you'.



Applauding your helping hands.

All my praise for your care, love and support – you are magic. 

A symbolic amulet in 18 carat gold vermeil, carrying 3x white diamonds 

to show your appreciation for that special someone.