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Natural Diamonds & Precious Stones

It is our mission to be the world's leading diamond jewellery brand for everyday wear. We believe that diamonds should not be reserved for special occasions. Diamond jewellery should be worn every day, not kept in a safe box. With an average price of HK$1,500 Diamanti Per Tutti is making diamond jewellery truly accessible for everyone.

Our white diamonds are 100% certified, authentic and conflict-free. DPT provides a Diamond Certificate, Cleaning cloth & a two-year international warranty with every purchase.


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Teamwork makes the dream work

As well as our DPT collections, we collaborate with guest designers.

Once a year we launch an exclusive and exclusive collaborations, together with influencers famous for their achievements in disciplines like design (SarahZhuangxDPT), art (MagrittexDPT) or fashion (TianyKiriloffxDPT)..


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As an authentic brand, Diamanti Per Tutti believes in genuine and long-term relationships

with its Asian & European key-influencers like Cecilia Cheung, Lydia Tong, Veronica Li...

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